Developing North America’s
Fastest-to-Market Vertically Integrated Natural Graphite Anode Material Supply Chain

Graphite is the leading mineral in lithium ion batteries, this image depicts the conversion of graphite to battery visibly

G6 Highlights

From Mine-to-Battery: A Proven, Scalable, High-Margin
Vertically Integrated Strategy.

Small scale CSPG production
CSPG Production
in 2026
CSPG Production
in 2027
graphite Concentrate Production by 2026

Proprietary technology
produces high quality
battery anode materials

Currently in use by G6's strategic partners in South Korea who are producing and selling to a Tier-1 OEM. Unique configuration and characteristics create highly efficient process with low capital costs and fast activation.

Modular technology scales easily

Over 7 years of R&D designed to improve upon the global standard.

Effective with multiple graphite sources

Increases optionality to scale processing by expanding input sources.

Coating spheronized purified graphite and spheronization
Quality, G6 advanced process produced high qualitfy CSPG and SPG graphite for the EV and energy storage markets

Process and equipment engineered to reduce overall environmental impact

G6 Energy proven proceses and technology for processing natrual graphite

Existing usage in South Korea reduces execution risk and improves time to market

G6 energy is the fastest to market natural graphite vertically integrated project in north america

Accelerated operational development and sales due to historical qualification process

The Kearney mine is one of the world largest NI-431010 compliant natural graphite resources

Wholly-owned Kearney Mine is one of the largest confirmed graphite deposits

Favourable flake distribution and material quality. In-battery testing performance confirmed high purity and performance in key metrics.

capable of rapid restart

Overall development risk and cost remains substantially lower than other projects.

Strategic Location is a Significant Advantage

Located <300 km north of Toronto, the deposit is close to major users and logistically convenient for global export.

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